9th Sep 2019

What are you doing on Wednesday? October public talks at the Wellcome Genome Campus

This October, all four scientific conferences organised by Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences have public talks as part of their programme.  Conference speakers and invited guests will be discussing hot topics in the field of genomics and their impact on all of us.

The genetic testing maze: who is there to support you?

Wednesday 2 October, 7-8.30pm

GC talkWhat is genetic counselling, and how do genetic counsellors work with patients to enable them to make informed decisions about genetic tests and diagnoses? Join us for a lively evening to discover more about this vital but often little-known profession.

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Improving plants: achieving food sustainability in a changing environment

Wednesday 16 October, 7-8.30pm

Plant talkJoin us to explore how plant science and new technologies can help feeding a growing population in the face of a rapidly changing climate.

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My microbiome and me

Wednesday 23 October, 7-8.30pm

Microbiome talkEver wondered how bacteria affect our health and wellbeing? How does our diet influence these bacteria, and why does it matter? Join geneticist and author Professor Tim Spector to explore how the bugs that live in (and on) us can impact our lives and are associated with obesity, diabetes, allergies, and even depression.

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Rewriting human evolution

Wednesday 30 October, 7-8.30pm

Human evolution talkUnderstanding genes, ancestry and family trees: how do we talk about the history of our species, our ancestors, our families and our DNA? Join Adam Rutherford (BBC Radio 4 Inside Science) as he probes this subject with his panel of guests.


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All the talks are free and will take place at the Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre.

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