Screenshot from Ghanaian version of Your DNA Your Say, online survey

Research and society

We are all likely to be impacted by genomics in the future. Our work explores the ethical, legal and social issues raised by this science. Our team uses social sciences research and creative engagement approaches to investigate the impact of science, ethics, and genomic technologies on people, on both a local and a global scale.

We listen, gather, and share insights on public attitudes and experiences. We use our insights and understanding to support a diverse range of intersecting communities to discover how genomic science is relevant to all our lives. Find out more about current projects and collaborations around genome editing, data-driven medicine, and science, diversity and inclusion; and explore some of our past work.

Wellcome Connecting Science partnered with Involve and Genetic Alliance UK to run the UK Citizens’ Jury on Human Embryo Editing. Find out more.

Wellcome Connecting Science

Trailer - United Kingdon Citizens' Jury on Human Embryo Editing