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Part of the same organisation as the Wellcome Sanger Institute, funded by Wellcome, and based on the Wellcome Genome Campus, UK, our programme is focussed on learning, training, and engagement with genomics.

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Wellcome Connecting Science’s mission is to enable everyone to explore genomic science and its impact on research, health and society.

Genomics Lite Extraordinary science, explained.

Genomics Lite: Genomic cartography - Navigating with a human cell atlas

Dr Laure Gambardella and Dr Chloe Admane, from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, will introduce us to the world of stem cells. We will look at what they are, their potential in the body, and research, and see how research has progressed over the last few decades. We will then explore how they can use a map of human skin cells to draw hypotheses, and will discuss how they go about building these skin models in the lab.

25 April 2024


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