We develop and design research projects which address specific questions using a range of social sciences approaches from ethnography to survey-based quantitative methods. Find out more about our current projects exploring genomics and related technologies here.

IBD BioResource and Genetic Feedback

A project developing an acceptable and feasible approach to the return of additional findings, with insight from a range of stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians, and IBD BioResource participants.

Photograph of a tower of three wooden cubes with black and white writing on visible sides. In black: just, good, science In white: biased, bad, data

Just Good Science

Explore the ‘everyday ethics’ of genomics.

A working group of six people sitting round a table, with someone writing ideas of a flip chart

UK Citizens' Jury on Genome Editing

(When) should we allow genome editing?

Logo of the Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science, and the Public in Cambridge, UK

The Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public

Fostering global conversations on the ethical issues raised by cutting edge science.

Photo of genetic councillor, Sasha Henriques, sat at her desk.

Exploring race, diversity and genomics

Our work around race, diversity, representation and inclusion supports our ambition to open up genomic science for everyone.

A photographic rendering of medical swabs and pills in a jar seen through a refractive glass grid, overlaid with a diagram of a neural network.

Data-driven medicine

Exploring how Artificial Intelligence may change medicine.

Image of little boy 'Charlie' wearing a lab coat, smiling, and giving two thumbs up

Your DNA, Your Say

The Your DNA, Your Say project is a global online survey gathering public attitudes towards genomic data sharing.

A genetic counsellor in action, explaining something to a patient.

Genetic counselling, ethics, nursing and society

Genetic counsellors and genetic nurses work at the coal face, delivering genomic information to patients. We contribute to policy, ethics and education that supports genetic counselling practice.