In addition to our core programmes of activities, we also develop and deliver a number of projects. These are often created with additional partners and collaborators, to meet specific learning requirements or skills gaps. Find out more about our learning-based projects here.

A young woman working in a sequencing lab, preparing samples, she is smiling.

Work experience opportunity with the Wellcome Sanger Institute

An opportunity for a Year 12 or Year 13 student to join the laboratory team in Dr Carl Anderson’s research group, part of the Human Genetics Programme at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, Wellcome Genome Campus.

A group of teachers are in a lab, wearing lab coats and smiling.

Barcoding for Beginners

An opportunity for teachers and technicians to get hands-on with molecular biology techniques and use these skills to lead an inquiry-based project with upper secondary students.

A male scientist is showing a group of young female students a sample in a beaker.

Genome Academy

An immersive three day work experience opportunity for year 12 students who are interested in working in the field of biomedical research.

Member of the Wellcome Connecting Science team ready to welcome students to the Genomic Futures careers stand.

Genomic Futures careers outreach programme

Our careers outreach programme, aimed at secondary students, is available to state schools, sixth forms and colleges based in and around the East of England.

Two students looking at a model of a DNA helix

Genomics for Educators

Learn strategies and techniques for teaching genomics in and outside of the classroom to create enriching learning opportunities, as part of this FutureLearn course.

Curriculum development  

Advice and guidance for science education content developers.

Science for Everyone logo

Science for Everyone

An initiative targeted at primary school teachers to raise awareness of unconscious bias and its potential to influence students’ science capital and attitudes towards science.