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Three teenage girls are sat working and smiling, they are wearing school uniform.

Year 10 work experience at Wellcome Connecting Science

An opportunity for Year 10 students to undertake a two-week work experience placement with Wellcome Connecting Science’s Science Engagement and Learning Training teams, on the Wellcome Genome Campus.

Photo of an exhibition room at the Wellcome Collection with a screen comprising of 6 screens and three benches for viewers.

Exhibition: Genetic Automata

An ongoing body of video works exploring race and identity in an age of avatars, videogames and DNA ancestry at the Wellcome Collection, London.

Patient advocates visiting the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenya, 2018.

Patient advocacy - learning from Mutographs 

A report on understanding the process of patient advocacy as part of the Mutographs project.

The Character of Science

A four part podcast series exploring how pop culture can help start conversations about science.

Covid connections

A series of talks looking at the role genomics is playing in fighting the pandemic.

Genomics Lite: Cancer Research Series

Exploring how genomic research aids our understanding of cancer.

I’m a Scientist Stay at Home - Disease Detectives Zone 

Supporting home learning and keeping students connected with biomedical research this summer term.

Malaria summer work placements

Enabling students to experience malaria research first hand.

Circ Amber

ABC vs St George's NHS Trust

A fascinating legal case in England that addressed the duty to warn relatives of genetic conditions. Here genetics practice has its moment in the legal spotlight.

25 genomes: mapping nature's code

Sequencing the genomes of 25 UK species for the first time – one for every year of the Wellcome Sanger Institute’s anniversary

Strands of time

A cross-curricular project bringing together genomics and archaeology for Key Stage 2 pupils.

A painting of a robin perched on a wooden stake.

Genome Gallery

A digital archive of past exhibitions.

DNA barcoding

Enabling students to identify the world through DNA sequencing.

A couple dressed in black dancing a formal dance, in a living room setting with electric guitars in the background. Still image from 'What is a gene?' film in the Music of Life series.

Music of Life

A study to see what outcomes there may be when genetic counsellors employ lively and appealing metaphors based around the theme of music to help patients wade into genetics, an area that has all too often been opaque to non-experts

The hand of an illustrator erasing the first 'e' from the word 'Genome' and replacing it with a picture of a gnome

Socialising the Genome

‘Geno-what’? Most people have never heard of the term genomics before; we explored how to make it resonate. What social framings, metaphors and memes could we find that turn it into a conversation starter?

Image of child playing with a DNA helix model


The GenomEthics study gathered public, health professionals and scientists attitudes towards the return of incidental findings from sequencing research. The outcomes have been used in many different settings, influencing policy, practice and teaching.

Deaf community

Is deafness a medical condition or a cultural phenomena? We explore the conversations that genetics has raised for d/Deaf and hard of hearing people.