Voices of genetic counsellors (films)

A collaboration with the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors.

The Voices of Genetic Counsellors film series was developed to explore and convey the work of Genetic Counsellors, highlighting the skills necessary to empower people to make decisions about genetic information that are right for them. The films themselves are a powerful tool for the healthcare profession to draw knowledge about the role and impact of genetic counselling, and the value of research in order to evolve practice.

Video 1 - So much more than just a test

Genetic Counsellors based in London and Manchester, Christine Patch, Sara Levene, Amy Goldman and Georgina Hall recount particularly memorable patient stories that left an impact on them.

Video 2 - The Subtleties and Nuances

Amy Goldman of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, describes the Therapeutic Alliance and how genetic counsellors can switch healthcare hats when working with patients and their families.

Video 3 - Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

Anna Middleton of Wellcome Connecting Science, Cambridge underlines the fact that genetic testing is becoming more relevant to all of us, and that research is key to informing clinical practice.

Video 4 - An Important Part of Multidisciplinary Teams

Gemma Chandratillake, Education and Training Lead – East of England Genomic Medicine Centre, talks about the evolving role of genetic counsellors, especially relevant as genomics becomes mainstreamed into healthcare and genetic counsellors’ role in facilitating cascade screening, equity of patient access to care and up-skilling the healthcare workforce in genetic knowledge.

Video 5 - 'Ripple in a Pond' Effect

Georgina Hall of the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine explains why genetic testing is so much more than just a test for people, depending on their own experiences and that of their family members and discusses why genetic counsellors have the unique skills to address a variety of concerns, medical and emotional, that a patient may have around testing.

Video 6 - Fostering Resilience

Jonathan Roberts shares his insights into the challenges genetic counsellors face in helping patients adjust to uncertainty.

Video 7 - Helping Patients Cope with Bad Results

Professor Christine Patch (Principal Staff Scientist in Genomic Counselling, Wellcome Connecting Science Engagement and Society) explains the very nuanced, yet candid communications skills held by genetic counsellors, to enable them to develop a valuable clinical relationship with their patients.

Video 8 - Working Through Pros and Cons of Difficult Decisions

Sara Levene of the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, London explains how genetic counsellors break down jargon for their patients and recounts a patient’s journey through difficult decisions in their reproductive choices involving CVS and PGD testing.


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