Dr Michelle Bishop

Dr Michelle Bishop

Associate Director
Learning and Training

The Learning and Training team is led by Associate Director, Learning and Training, Dr Michelle Bishop. Michelle has spent more than 15 years in genetics and genomics education, previously working at Health Education England. She has a background in molecular biology and genetic counselling, and a PhD in the field of genetics education.

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A cross-professional competency framework for communicating genomic results.

Pichini A; Tatton-Brown K; Thomas E; Bishop M

Journal of genetic counseling 2023

To ensure genomic medicine is delivered safely and effectively, it is crucial that healthcare professionals are able to understand and communicate genomic results. This Education Innovation describes a nationally agreed, cross-professional competency framework outlining the knowledge, skills and behaviors required to communicate genomic results. Using principles of the nominal group technique, consensus meetings with clinical, scientific and educational experts identified six stages in the return of results process, drafted and iterated competencies. Competencies were then mapped across three levels to acknowledge different degrees of experiences and scopes of practice. The framework was open for consultation with healthcare professionals and patient communities before being published. The finalized framework includes six core competency statements required to communicate genomic results. This framework is designed to be a guide for best practice and a developmental tool to support individuals and organizations. It can be used by healthcare professionals, such as genetic counselors, to identify individual learning needs or to structure the development of training for other healthcare professionals who are increasingly involved in requesting and returning results for genomic tests.

A nationally agreed cross-professional competency framework to facilitate genomic testing.

Pichini A; Bishop M

Genetics in medicine : official journal of the American College of Medical Genetics 2022;24;8;1743-1752

The study aimed to develop a nationally agreed, cross-professional competency framework outlining the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required to facilitate genomic tests.