Curriculum development  

Date: 1 January 2020

Advice and guidance for science education content developers.

Genomics is now featured in the GCSE and A-level biology curricula. We provide scientific advice and access to scientists for curriculum developers and textbook writers developing educational materials on genomics.

Working in collaboration with education researchers at the University of York Science Education Group, Wellcome Connecting Science investigated how genomics is currently being taught in school and establishing whether there is a need for genomics to be introduced earlier in science education.

The report – Viewed as a whole: Syntheses of research evidence and teaching and learning support resources related to genomics education in schools – is the outcome of a landscape review of research and resource provision in the field of genomics education in schools. Genomics education is a developing field, catching up with the rapid scientific and technological developments that have been achieved in recent decades. It intersects with several challenges in science education with which stakeholders are concerned. These include representation of contemporary science, education about socio-scientific issues, dual-audience notions of science for all and more science for some, achieving changes in practice, and securing adequate learning outcomes.

The key objectives of this exercise were focused on identifying key conclusions and unanswered questions from the research, characterizing and evaluating the range of resources available to support teaching and learning about genomics, and thereby recommending priorities for further research and development of provision.

Several recommendations have been made for a range of education stakeholders including the Science education research community, educators, and curriculum developers identifying where further research is needed and actions can be taken to improve genomics education and teaching resources.

The full report, which includes the summary of recommendations, can be read and downloaded in the file below.