Student looking at resources wearing headphones at the Wellcome Connecting Science Genomic Futures careers stand

Genomic Futures careers outreach programme

Date: 10 November 2023

Our careers outreach programme, aimed at secondary students, is available to state schools, sixth forms and colleges based in and around the East of England.

Our Genomic Futures careers outreach programme offers students an insight into a variety of careers in genomics. It aims to make links with curriculum learning and careers, providing encounters with industry professionals and virtual experiences of the workplace.

Our careers outreach programme is aimed at secondary students, and is available to State Schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges based in and around the East of England.

Genomic Futures careers stand

Our Genomic Futures careers stand provides students with an opportunity to talk to genomics professionals, find out about more routes into different careers, and get hands on and try out genomics-related skills.

Our Genomic Futures careers stand is suitable for secondary students in years 7 to 11. Our stand is suitable for a range of events, from drop-in style expositions to career fairs.

Students will:
  • Discover the variety of careers in science through interacting with scientists, experiencing our career videos and collecting printed career profiles that students can keep
  • Get hands-on with career- and curriculum- linked activities and equipment
  • Find out where to access more resources to develop their scientific knowledge and skills

Requesting our careers stand at your school or event

Our Genomic Futures careers stand is flexible and adaptable to a number of events and spaces. We have two stand sizes, depending on the location and size of your event. Our smaller stand is suitable for classroom spaces or meeting rooms with smaller group audiences, whereas our larger stand is suitable for school halls or event spaces and bigger audiences.

Our smaller stand requirements:
  • 2 metre floor space
  • 1 x 4-6ft table
  • Access to 1 electrical socket
Our larger stand requirements:
  • 3 metre floor space
  • 1 x 6ft table, or multiple smaller tables
  • Access to at least 2 electrical sockets

Our team is happy to discuss the set up requirements for your space ahead of your event.

Member of the Wellcome Connecting Science team ready to welcome students to the Genomic Futures careers stand.
How to request our careers stand

To request a visit, please fill out our booking request form, and a member of the team will get back to you with more details.

The Science Engagement and Enrichment team strives to place inclusion, equality and social justice at the centre of our work. We therefore prioritise our support for schools in areas of high deprivation, with a high proportion of students in receipt of pupil premium, and in areas of low social mobility. Due to the high number of requests for our Outreach, we will review each request on a case-by-case basis, with priority being given to those schools in underserved communities.

For this reason, we are unable to offer our Outreach packages for independent school, non-UK schools, and universities. These groups are however invited to take part in our online programmes, such as our Genomics Lite programme.

Any decisions on requests by groups outside of the eligibility criteria will be made at the discretion of the team and will be dependent on our capacity.